Girl vs MDD

Girl vs MDD is my book that I started writing this year.

This book talks about my life experiences and my continued fight with MDD.

I’m hoping to have the book completed by the end of this year.

Stay tuned for updates with this.

Life As Just Nikki YouTube Channel

This is the newest addition to the Life as Just Nikki family.

My YouTube channel is in progress.

I hope to have my first video up in June.

What this will focus on is videos of coping skills. Different things you can do to cope, while I am doing them in the videos.

I will also post mental health videos/projects that I have lined up

Here are a few:

-A week in the life of a person with major depression.

-A word from mental health advocates

-What is anxiety and how to manage it

-Traveling with having mental health issues

I’m looking forward to starting this channel.

You can subscribe to me here šŸ‘‡

Life As Just Nikki Podcasts

I posted my first podcast on 12/8!!

I will be posting podcasts randomly.

I am currently revamping my podcast page!

Topics are on mental health, substance abuse and eating disorders.

My twitter page for my podcasts šŸ‘‡

Life As Just Nikki Podcasts Twitter Page

You can view my podcasts here šŸ‘‡

Life As Just Nikki Podcast Page

About Life As Just Nikki

Welcome to the Life As Just Nikki Page!

My name is Nikki. Iā€™m 28 years old and live in the United States.

I am diagosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I also struggle with a binge eating disorder.

I am in therapy and see a psychiatrist for my medications.

I started the Life As Just Nikki blog back in August as Anon. I had opened up my twitter account at this time too as anon. I revealed who I was in September and shared my blog posts with all.

My blog took off so much quicker than I thought it would. Iā€™m now up to over 200 followers on WordPress and close to 4,000 twitter followers.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support!